Technological watch

Date Title
2023-02-07 En 2021 la industria del envasado consumió el 58% de todos los bioplásticos
2023-02-06 Turning food waste into biodegradable bioplastics
2023-01-18 Sustainable lignin-PLA composites for food packaging
2023-01-17 Aimplas potencia la I+D+i empresarial y la transferencia del conocimiento en el sector del plástico
2023-01-16 AIMPLAS fortalece la I+D+i empresarial en el sector del plástico con el apoyo del IVACE en 2022
2023-01-16 AIMPLAS avanza en nueve líneas de investigación para liderar y fortalecer la I+D+i empresarial en el sector del plástico con el apoyo del IVACE en 2022
2023-01-16 @aimplas Aimplas avanzó el pasado año en nueve líneas de investigación
2023-01-04 USask-developed bio-glitter ‘green’ alternative to persistent plastics
2022-12-13 Teijin Frontier Develops Highly Biodegradable PLA
2022-10-31 Pearl supplies ‘world’s largest vertical farm’ with PU panels
2022-09-27 FKuR at K 2022
2022-09-22 CABAMIX exhibits at K 2022 in Düsseldorf!
2022-09-21 Positive Thermomechanical Properties in New Bioplastic Films
2022-07-25 Sustainable machinery performance and smart factory solutions at K2022
2022-07-21 Innovation Fund: EU invests €1.8 billion in clean tech projects*
2022-07-14 Dawn Industries buys Hendrickson, will move production to Colorado
2022-06-22 Rivulis buys Jain's global drip irrigation business
2022-06-15 Guill introduces the latest generation of its Series 800
2022-06-03 HydroBlox, Goodwill form JV to recycle plastic, make drainage products
2022-04-07 Goodyear partners with DOD, others to further dandelion-based NR research
2020-08-25 AIMPLAS organiza para el 22 de septiembre la segunda edición de su Jornada de Plasticultura
2020-08-24 Enzyme-enriched PLA accelerates biodegradability of mulch film
2020-08-11 Carbiolice links up with Barbier to launch new PLA-based biodegradable mulch film - Bio-based News -
2020-06-22 Assessment of COVID-19's Effect on Agricultural Films Market 2020-2024
2020-06-04 PBAT technology licensed to China's Red Avenue New Materials / New plant planned in Shanghai
2020-05-26 Verano365’s Latest Innovation Targets ROI Through Root Development
2020-05-07 New investment boosts bioplastics product development capacity at TerraVerdae - Bio-based News -
2020-05-05 TerraVerdae Receives Funding to Boost Bioplastics Product Development Capacity
2020-05-04 Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment exempts biodegradable plastics from single-use ban - Bio-based News -
2020-04-08 Biodegradable Plastics Market Rising 9.4% Yearly
2020-03-24 Irrigation tubing maker improve safety, energy use
2020-02-07 Water Soluble Fertilizers Market 2020-2024
2020-01-31 Danimer and CPG partner to manufacture home compostable bags
2020-01-24 Perovskite PV technology approaches industrialisation as researchers reach consensus on procedures for testing it
Date Title
2023-04-01 Accumulation, transportation, and distribution of tetracycline and cadmium in rice
2023-02-08 Foliar Application of Salicylic Acid Mitigates Saline Stress on Physiology, Production, and Post-Harvest Quality of Hydroponic Japanese Cucumber
2023-02-01 Properties of phosphorus-containing polybutylene succinate/polylactic acid composite film material and degradation process effects on physiological indexes of lettuce cultivation
2023-01-29 Effects of Biodegradable Film and Polyethylene Film Residues on Soil Moisture and Maize Productivity in Dryland
2023-01-24 Optimization of pv cells/modules parameters using a modified quasi-oppositional logistic chaotic rao-1 (QOLCR) algorithm
2023-01-21 Effects of physicochemical properties and co-existing zinc agrochemicals on the uptake and phytotoxicity of PFOA and GenX in lettuce
2023-01-19 Efficacy of marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) for the treatment of tannery and surgical industry wastewater under citric acid amendment: a lab scale study
2023-01-15 Solar energy-assisted reactor for the sustainable biodiesel production from Butea monosperma oil: Optimization, kinetic, thermodynamic and assessment studies
2023-01-15 Performance analysis of a novel combined cooling, heating and power system with solar energy spectral beam splitting
2023-01-12 Effect of Irrigation Management and Water Quality on Soil and Sorghum bicolor Payenne Yield in Cape Verde
2023-01-12 Soil Bioplastic Mulches for Agroecosystem Sustainability: A Comprehensive Review
2022-12-26 PLSR-Based Assessment of Soil Respiration Rate Changes under Aerated Irrigation in Relation to Soil Environmental Factors
2022-12-21 Macronutrient Applications and Irrigation Regimes Impact Weed Dynamics and Weed Seedbank Augmentation in Solanum melongena L. Fields
2022-12-16 Effects of Subsurface Drainage on Soil Salinity and Groundwater Table in Drip Irrigated Cotton Fields in Oasis Regions of Tarim Basin
2022-12-12 In?situ Absorption Characterization Guided Slot?Die?Coated High?Performance Large?area Flexible Organic Solar Cells and Modules
2022-12-10 Resource recovery from hydroponic wastewaters using microalgae-based biorefineries: A circular bioeconomy perspective
2022-12-08 Effects of brown seaweed extract, silicon, and selenium on fruit quality and yield of tomato under different substrates
2022-12-07 Biodegradable Mulching Films Based on Polycaprolactone and Its Porous Structure Construction
2022-12-01 Recent progress in silicon photovoltaic module recycling processes
2022-12-01 Influence of methylation and demethylation on plant uptake of emerging contaminants
2022-12-01 Overmolded hybrid thermoset?thermoplastic structures: Experimental study on the bonding strength of co?curing thermoplastic film onto thermoset composite
2022-12-01 A method for the treatment of black tea waste: Converting it into liquid mulching film and solid mulching film
2022-11-29 The Effect of the Method of Plant Protection on the Quality of Remontant Strawberry Cultivars Grown in a Gutter System under Covers
2022-11-29 Effect of Surface and Subsurface Drip Irrigation with Treated Wastewater on Soil and Water Productivity of Okra (Abemoschus esculentus) Crop in Semi-Arid Region of Tunisia
2022-11-28 Effect of Temperature and Wind Speed on Efficiency of Five Photovoltaic Module Technologies for Different Climatic Zones
2022-11-28 Uniform Root Layer Application at Optimal Timing Can Effectively Improve Root-Knot Nematode Disease Control in Rui Yam
2022-11-26 The Role of Micro-Irrigation Systems in Date Palm Production and Quality: Implications for Sustainable Investment
2022-11-25 Industrial Organic Wastewater through Drip Irrigation to Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Input and Increase Use Efficiency by Promoting N and P Absorption of Cotton in Arid Areas
2022-11-24 Mechanical properties of the encapsulant material for photovoltaics
2022-11-24 Effect of Silica-Based Nanomaterials on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
2022-11-22 Polymers Use as Mulch Films in Agriculture—A Review of History, Problems and Current Trends
2022-11-19 Preparation and Phytotoxicity Evaluation of Cellulose Acetate Nanoparticles
2022-11-18 On-the-Fly Short-Pulse R2R Laser Patterning Processes for the Manufacturing of Fully Printed Semitransparent Organic Photovoltaics
2022-11-18 Nitrate Increases Aluminum Toxicity and Accumulation in Root of Wheat
2022-11-17 Solar cell cracks within a photovoltaic module: Characterization by AC impedance spectroscopy
2022-11-17 Effect of Aeration on Blockage Regularity and Microbial Diversity of Blockage Substance in Drip Irrigation Emitter
2022-11-17 Impacts of the Inoculation of Piriformospora indica on Photosynthesis, Osmoregulatory Substances, and Antioxidant Enzymes of Alfalfa Seedlings under Cadmium Stress
2022-11-15 The Effects of Irrigation, Topping, and Interrow Spacing on the Yield and Quality of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Fibers in Temperate Climatic Conditions
2022-11-13 Degradation Pattern of Five Biodegradable, Potentially Low-Environmental-Impact Mulches under Laboratory Conditions
2022-11-12 Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Increase Nutritional Quality of Soilless Grown Lettuce while Overcoming Low Phosphorus Supply
2022-11-09 Effect of different starch contents on physical, morphological, mechanical, barrier, and biodegradation properties of tapioca starch and poly(butylene adipate?co?terephthalate) blend film
2022-11-08 A tunable controlled-release urea fertilizer coated with a biodegradable polyurethane-nanoclay composite layer
2022-11-07 Sodium nitroprusside ameliorates lead toxicity in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by modulating the antioxidant scavenging system, nitrogen metabolism, lead sequestration mechanism, and proline metabolism
2022-11-07 Quantitative ion character-activity relationship methods for assessing the ecotoxicity of soil metal(loid)s to lettuce
2022-11-01 Insight into the uptake and metabolism of a new insecticide cyetpyrafen in plants
2022-11-01 Pfaffia glomerata is a hyperaccumulator candidate: Cd and Zn tolerance, absorption, transfer, and distribution
2022-11-01 Trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek) differentially regulates antioxidant potential, photosynthetic, and metabolic activities under arsenic stress
2022-10-31 Construction and Characterization of Polyolefin Elastomer Blends with Chemically Modified Hydrocarbon Resin as a Photovoltaic Module Encapsulant
2022-10-29 Wasabi (Eutrema japonicum) Reduces Obesity and Blood Pressure in Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Rats
2022-10-29 Comparison of Physical and Thermal Properties of Mulching Films Made of Different Polymeric Materials
2022-10-25 Water-Salt Thresholds of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under Film Drip Irrigation in Arid Saline-Alkali Area
2022-10-25 Physical Properties and Biodegradability Evaluation of Vulcanized Epoxidized Natural Rubber/Thermoplastic Potato Starch Blends
2022-10-21 Health—Promoting Properties of Highbush Blueberries Depending on Type of Fertilization
2022-10-20 Micro-Investment by Tanzanian Smallholders’ in Drip Irrigation Kits for Vegetable Production to Improve Livelihoods: Lessons Learned and a Way Forward
2022-10-16 Performance of Biodegradable Biochar-Added and Bio-Based Plastic Clips for Growing Tomatoes
2022-10-13 Salicylic Acid Modulates Okra Tolerance to Salt Stress in Hydroponic System
2022-10-12 Moderate Boron Concentration Beneficial for Flue-Cured Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) Seedlings Growth and Development
2022-10-09 Drivers of Postharvest Loss among Citrus Farmers in Eastern Cape Province of South Africa: A Zero-Inflated Poisson (ZIP) Regression Model Analysis
2022-10-06 Encapsulation of Bioactive Compounds for Food and Agricultural Applications
2022-10-06 Ultraviolet Radiation Management in Greenhouse to Improve Red Lettuce Quality and Yield
2022-10-05 Germination and seedling establishment for hydroponics: The benefit of slant boards
2022-10-02 Red to Blue Light Ratio and Iron Nutrition Influence Growth, Metabolic Response, and Mineral Nutrients of Spinach Grown Indoors
2022-10-01 Analysis of Soil Moisture, Temperature, and Salinity in Cotton Field under Non-Mulched Drip Irrigation in South Xinjiang
2022-09-26 Effect of PBAT Biodegradable Mulch Film Extract on Seed Germination and Seedlings Metabolism of Tobacco
2022-09-24 The Tolerance, Absorption, and Transport Characteristics of Macleaya cordata in Relation to Lead, Zinc, Cadmium, and Copper under Hydroponic Conditions
2022-09-23 Effects of Flow Path Geometrical Parameters on the Hydraulic Performance of Variable Flow Emitters at the Conventional Water Supply Stage
2022-09-19 Impacts on insulation resistance of thin film modules: A case study of a flooding of a photovoltaic power plant in Thailand
2022-09-17 In situ quantification of temperature and strain within photovoltaic modules through optical sensing
2022-09-09 Circular economy priorities for photovoltaics in the energy transition
2022-09-08 Recent Advances in Encapsulation Techniques of Plant Growth-Promoting Microorganisms and Their Prospects in the Sustainable Agriculture
2022-09-08 Effects of molecular structure on thermal, rheological and mechanical properties of drip irrigation PE tapes
2022-09-08 Saving CO2 Emissions by Reusing Organic Growing Media from Hydroponic Tomato Production as a Source of Nutrients to Produce Ethiopian Kale (Brassica carinata)
2022-09-05 Features of Metallic Ion Distribution in Non-Traditional Water Agricultural Applications in Sandy Loam in an Arid Area
2022-09-02 Enhancing Water Use Efficiency and Yield of Pomegranate Crop by Using Fish Drainage Water with Bio-Fertilizer under Drip Irrigation System
2022-08-31 Multi-Level Control and Utilization of Stormwater Runoff
2022-08-30 Variation in Pathogenic Organisms as Affected by Using Hydroponic Nutrient Wastewater in Horticultural Facilities
2022-08-27 Optimizing Planting Density to Increase Maize Yield and Water Use Efficiency and Economic Return in the Arid Region of Northwest China
2022-08-25 Assessing the Applicability of Biodegradable Film Mulching in Northwest China Based on Comprehensive Benefits Study
2022-08-25 A Comprehensive Characterization of Biodegradable Edible Films Based on Potato Peel Starch Plasticized with Glycerol
2022-08-23 Characterization of dust particles in South India and investigation on soiling image analysis for photovoltaic application
2022-08-23 Exogenous plant hormones alleviate As stress by regulating antioxidant defense system in Oryza sativa L
2022-08-22 Thermo-resistive property of carbon-graphite hybrid based thick film electrode on PET and paper substrates with a smart integrated system for productive soil farming applications
2022-08-22 Substitution Experiment of Biodegradable Paper Mulching Film and White Plastic Mulching Film in Hexi Oasis Irrigation Area
2022-08-20 Exogenous Spermidine Optimizes Nitrogen Metabolism and Improves Maize Yield under Drought Stress Conditions
2022-08-18 Optimizing Deficit Irrigation Management to Improve Water Productivity of Greenhouse Tomato under Plastic Film Mulching Using the RZ-SHAW Model
2022-08-13 Underwater Performance Evaluation of Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Module in Outdoor Conditions and Underwater Spectral Response Study of c-Si Solar Cell
2022-08-06 Nanosized Calcium Phosphates as Novel Macronutrient Nano-Fertilizers
2022-08-05 Effects of Irrigation Method and Water Flow Rate on Irrigation Performance, Soil Salinity, Yield, and Water Productivity of Cauliflower
2022-08-04 Physiological responses, yield and medicinal substance (andrographolide, AP1) accumulation of <i>Andrographis paniculata</i> (Burm. f) in response to plant density under controlled environmental conditions
2022-08-04 Improvement in Thermal Stability of Flexible Poly(l-lactide)-b-poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(l-lactide) Bioplastic by Blending with Native Cassava Starch
2022-08-02 Temperature Field Measurement of Photovoltaic Module Based on Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Array
2022-08-02 Degradability and Properties of PBAT-Based Biodegradable Mulch Films in Field and Their Effects on Cotton Planting
2022-08-01 Efficiency improvement of hybrid PV-TEG system based on an energy, exergy, energy-economic and environmental analysis; experimental, mathematical and numerical approaches
2022-08-01 Crystalline silicon photovoltaic module degradation: Galvanic corrosion and its solution
2022-07-30 Silicon reduces zinc absorption and triggers oxidative tolerance processes without impacting growth in young plants of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)
2022-07-28 Effects of Different Mulching Materials on the Grain Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Maize in the North China Plain
2022-07-28 Effect of Nano-Fertilizers on Alfalfa Plants Grown under Different Salt Stresses in Hydroponic System
2022-07-15 A comparison of dust impacts on polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar photovoltaic performance: an outdoor experimental study
2022-07-13 Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Improve Salt Tolerance in Rice Seedlings by Improving Physiological and Biochemical Indices
2022-07-11 Cytogenotoxic activity of herbicidal and fungicidal pesticides on Triticum aestivum root meristem
2022-07-09 Removal of Cr(VI) from water by in natura and magnetic nanomodified hydroponic lettuce roots
2022-06-28 Effects of Water-Saving Irrigation on Direct-Seeding Rice Yield and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in North China
2022-06-24 Correction: Exogenous salicylic acid-induced drought stress tolerance in wheat (<i>Triticum aestivum</i> L.) grown under hydroponic culture
2022-06-23 Assessing Barriers in Adaptation of Water Management Innovations Under Rotational Canal Water Distribution System
2022-06-22 Blading of Conformal Electron?Transport Layers in p–i–n Perovskite Solar Cells
2022-06-18 Potassium Chloroaurate-Mediated In Vitro Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Improved Root Growth by Crosstalk with Sucrose and Nutrient-Dependent Auxin Homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana
2022-06-16 Review of technology?specific degradation in c?Si, CdTe, CIGS, dye sensitised, organic and perovskite solar cells in photovoltaic modules: Understanding how reliability improvements in mature technologies can enhance emerging technologies
2022-06-12 Variability in Cadmium Uptake in Common Wheat under Cadmium Stress: Impact of Genetic Variation and Silicon Supplementation
2022-06-07 Applying Different Magnetic Water Densities as Irrigation for Aeroponically and Hydroponically Grown Strawberries
2022-06-03 Environmental Assessment of Underdrain Designs for Granular Media Filters in Drip Irrigation Systems
2022-05-31 Essential oils as natural root?repellent herbicides for drip irrigation systems
2022-05-31 Design and Experiment of Dry-Farming Cantaloupe Transplanter under Water
2022-05-28 Elimination of Clogging of a Biogas Slurry Drip Irrigation System Using the Optimal Acid and Chlorine Addition Mode
2022-05-18 Transparent and Black Film Mulching Improve Photosynthesis and Yield of Summer Maize in North China Plain
2022-05-17 Terbium?doped and dual passivated ??CsPb(I1?xBrx)3 inorganic perovskite solar cells with improved air?thermal stability and high efficiency
2022-05-16 Optimization of Shingled-Type Lightweight Glass-Free Solar Modules for Building Integrated Photovoltaics
2022-05-13 Sprinkler Drip Infiltration Quality Prediction for Moisture Space Distribution Using RSAE-NPSO
2022-05-08 RZWQM2 Simulated Drip Fertigation Management to Improve Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Maize in a Solar Greenhouse
2022-05-07 Nitrogen modulates early growth and physio-biochemical attributes in fragrant rice grown under cadmium and multiwall carbon nanotubes stresses
2022-05-05 Results from an international interlaboratory study on light? and elevated temperature?induced degradation in solar modules
2022-05-05 Cu and Pb accumulation and removal from aqueous medium by Enydra fluctuans Lour. (Asteraceae) — a medicinal plant with potential for phytoremediation
2022-04-29 A Review on Hydroponics and the Technologies Associated for Medium- and Small-Scale Operations
2022-04-28 Effectiveness of Measures to Reduce the Influence of Global Climate Change on Tomato Cultivation in Solariums&amp;mdash;Case Study: Cri&amp;#537;urilor Plain, Bihor, Romania
2022-04-15 Scientific Irrigation Scheduling for Sustainable Production in Olive Groves
2022-04-02 Extraction and microscopic analysis of partial shading?induced defects in a commercial CIGS PV module
2022-04-02 A comprehensive review on space solar power satellite: an idiosyncratic approach
2022-04-01 Comparison of Crosslinking Kinetics of UV-Transparent Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer and Polyolefin Elastomer Encapsulants
2022-04-01 System design and production practices of aquaponic stakeholders
2021-10-25 Repair and preventive maintenance of photovoltaic modules with degrading backsheets using flowable silicone sealant
2021-10-19 Towards a successful re?use of decommissioned photovoltaic modules
2020-12-01 Water resource synergy management in response to climate change in China: From the perspective of urban metabolism
2020-09-15 A new performance assessment methodology of bifacial photovoltaic solar panels for offshore applications
2020-09-01 Uptake, translocation and accumulation of the fungicide benzene kresoxim-methyl in Chinese flowering cabbage (Brassica campastris var. parachinensis) and water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica)
2020-09-01 Biodegradable electrospun PLA-PHB fibers plasticized with oligomeric lactic acid
2020-08-25 Improvement of water barrier properties of soybean protein isolate films by poly(3?hydroxybutyrate) thin coating
2020-08-21 Investigation of the Effective Use of Photovoltaic Modules in Architecture
2020-07-24 Environmental Sustainability of Plastic in Agriculture
2020-07-02 The Effects of Condensed Molasses Soluble on the Growth and Development of Rapeseed through Seed Germination, Hydroponics and Field Trials
2020-07-01 Microencapsulation of polymeric isocyanate for the modification of urea-formaldehyde resins
2020-07-01 Development of soy protein-based adhesive with high water resistance and bonding strength by waterborne epoxy crosslinking strategy
2020-07-01 The use of lignin in emulsion-based pressure-sensitive adhesives
2020-07-01 Development of pipe repairs using bonded metal plate – Part I: Shape factor, stiffness and surface treatment
2020-07-01 Hydroponic growth test of maize sprouts to evaluate As, Cd, Cr and Pb translocation from mineral fertilizer and As and Cr speciation
2020-07-01 Sediment internal nutrient loading in the most polluted area of a shallow eutrophic lake (Lake Chaohu, China) and its contribution to lake eutrophication
2020-07-01 Evaluation of Tropical Tomato for Growth, Yield, Nutrient, and Water Use Efficiency in Recirculating Hydroponic System
2020-06-17 Modeling the Dynamic Response of Plant Growth to Root Zone Temperature in Hydroponic Chili Pepper Plant Using Neural Networks
2020-06-08 Macronutrient deficiency in snap bean considering physiological, nutritional, and growth aspects
2020-06-01 Plywood wood based composites using crystalline/amorphous PLA polymer adhesives
2020-06-01 Adhesion and viscoelastic property of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) based hot melt adhesives- effects of tackifier and wax
2020-06-01 Effect of hygrothermal aging and cyclic thermal shocks on the mechanical performance of single-lap adhesive joints
2020-06-01 Effect of acid etching on dentin bond strength of ultra-mild self-etch adhesives
2020-06-01 Durability of adhesively bonded CFRP-aluminum alloy joints subjected to coupled temperature and alternating load
2020-06-01 Synthesis of micro carbonaceous material by pyrolysis of rubber wood and its effect on properties of urea-formaldehyde (UF) resin
2020-06-01 Low pressure plasma treatment of CFRP substrates for adhesive bonding: an investigation of joint durability under severe temperature-moisture conditioning
2020-06-01 Investigation on the uniaxial ratchetting and fatigue failure behaviors of silicone seal adhesive bonded butt-joints under tensile and torsional cyclic loading
2020-06-01 Effect of stress rate on shear strength of aluminium alloy single lap joints bonded with epoxy/nanoalumina adhesives
2020-06-01 Effects of surface modification and graphene nanoplatelet reinforcement on adhesive joint of aluminium alloys
2020-06-01 Design and fabrication of PVAc-based inverted core/shell (ICS) structured adhesives for improved water-resistant wood bonding performance: II. Influence of copolymerizing-grafting sequential reaction
2020-05-10 Pectin-Based Films Loaded with Hydroponic Nopal Mucilages: Development and Physicochemical Characterization
2020-05-01 A highly competitive system for CO methanation over an active metal-free fibrous silica mordenite via in-situ ESR and FTIR studies
2020-05-01 Environment-friendly novel fuel additives: Investigation of the effects of graphite nanoparticles on performance and regulated gaseous emissions of CI engine
2020-05-01 Performance improvement of the bottoming steam Rankine cycle (SRC) and organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems for a triple combined system using gas turbine (GT) as topping cycle
2020-05-01 Energy, exergy and economic (3E) evaluation and conceptual design of the 1000 MW coal-fired power plants integrated with S-CO2 Brayton cycles
2020-05-01 Contrasting effects of iron plaque on the bioavailability of metallic and sulfidized silver nanoparticles to rice
2020-04-20 European Borage (Borago officinalis L.) Yield and Profitability under Different Irrigation Systems
2020-04-17 Feasibility of Utilizing Biodegradable Plastic Film to Cover Corn Silage under Farm Conditions
2020-04-15 A system analysis tool for sustainable biomass utilisation considering the Emissions-Cost Nexus
2020-04-15 Corrigendum to “Effects of spark timing and methanol addition on combustion characteristics and emissions of dual-fuel engine fuelled with natural gas and methanol under lean-burn condition” [Energy Convers. Manage. 181 (2019) 519–527]
2020-04-15 Prediction and optimization of oscillating wave surge converter using machine learning techniques
2020-04-15 Study of using enhanced heat-transfer flexible phase change material film in thermal management of compact electronic device
2020-04-01 Performance analysis and investigations of grid-connected Solar Power Park in Kurnool, South India
2020-04-01 A state-of-the-art review on thermochemical conversion of biomass for biofuel production: A TG-FTIR approach
2020-04-01 Analytical investigation of gas production from methane hydrates and the associated heat and mass transfer upon thermal stimulation employing a coaxial wellbore
2020-04-01 1D thermodynamic modeling for a solid oxide fuel cell stack and parametric study for its optimal operating conditions
2020-04-01 Compact heat exchangers for supercritical CO2 power cycle application
2020-03-30 Comparative Investigation on the Soil Burial Degradation Behaviour of Polymer Films for Agriculture before and after Photo-Oxidation
2020-03-17 Effects of Drip Irrigation with Plastic on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Biomass Distribution of Muskmelon
2020-03-01 Study on impacts of dust accumulation and rainfall on PV power reduction in East China
2020-03-01 Biodegradable Carbon-based Ashes/Maize Starch Composite Films for Agricultural Applications
2020-02-15 Energetic and economic optimization of the yearly performance of three different solar assisted heat pump systems using a mixed integer linear programming algorithm
2020-02-15 Winner-leading competitive swarm optimizer with dynamic Gaussian mutation for parameter extraction of solar photovoltaic models
2020-02-02 Effects of Heating Temperature on the Properties of Bio-Board Manufactured by Using Soybean Straw
2020-02-01 Modeling and validation of photovoltaic thermoelectric flat plate collector (PV-TE-FPC)
2020-01-11 Comparative study on the bioaccumulation of lead, cadmium and nickel and their toxic effects on the growth and enzyme defence strategies of a heavy metal accumulator, Hydrilla verticillata (L.f.) Royle
2020-01-07 Isolation of urease-producing bacteria and their effects on reducing Cd and Pb accumulation in lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.)
2020-01-06 Increased reliability of modified polyolefin backsheet over commonly used polyester backsheets for crystalline PV modules
2015-01-21 Correlation of the loss in photovoltaic module performance with the ageing behaviour of the backsheets used
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 1914.