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2020-12-01 Water resource synergy management in response to climate change in China: From the perspective of urban metabolism
2020-09-15 A new performance assessment methodology of bifacial photovoltaic solar panels for offshore applications
2020-09-01 Uptake, translocation and accumulation of the fungicide benzene kresoxim-methyl in Chinese flowering cabbage (Brassica campastris var. parachinensis) and water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica)
2020-09-01 Biodegradable electrospun PLA-PHB fibers plasticized with oligomeric lactic acid
2020-08-25 Improvement of water barrier properties of soybean protein isolate films by poly(3?hydroxybutyrate) thin coating
2020-08-21 Investigation of the Effective Use of Photovoltaic Modules in Architecture
2020-07-24 Environmental Sustainability of Plastic in Agriculture
2020-07-02 The Effects of Condensed Molasses Soluble on the Growth and Development of Rapeseed through Seed Germination, Hydroponics and Field Trials
2020-07-01 Microencapsulation of polymeric isocyanate for the modification of urea-formaldehyde resins
2020-07-01 Development of soy protein-based adhesive with high water resistance and bonding strength by waterborne epoxy crosslinking strategy
2020-07-01 The use of lignin in emulsion-based pressure-sensitive adhesives
2020-07-01 Development of pipe repairs using bonded metal plate – Part I: Shape factor, stiffness and surface treatment
2020-07-01 Hydroponic growth test of maize sprouts to evaluate As, Cd, Cr and Pb translocation from mineral fertilizer and As and Cr speciation
2020-07-01 Sediment internal nutrient loading in the most polluted area of a shallow eutrophic lake (Lake Chaohu, China) and its contribution to lake eutrophication
2020-07-01 Evaluation of Tropical Tomato for Growth, Yield, Nutrient, and Water Use Efficiency in Recirculating Hydroponic System
2020-06-17 Modeling the Dynamic Response of Plant Growth to Root Zone Temperature in Hydroponic Chili Pepper Plant Using Neural Networks
2020-06-08 Macronutrient deficiency in snap bean considering physiological, nutritional, and growth aspects
2020-06-01 Plywood wood based composites using crystalline/amorphous PLA polymer adhesives
2020-06-01 Adhesion and viscoelastic property of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) based hot melt adhesives- effects of tackifier and wax
2020-06-01 Effect of hygrothermal aging and cyclic thermal shocks on the mechanical performance of single-lap adhesive joints
2020-06-01 Effect of acid etching on dentin bond strength of ultra-mild self-etch adhesives
2020-06-01 Durability of adhesively bonded CFRP-aluminum alloy joints subjected to coupled temperature and alternating load
2020-06-01 Synthesis of micro carbonaceous material by pyrolysis of rubber wood and its effect on properties of urea-formaldehyde (UF) resin
2020-06-01 Low pressure plasma treatment of CFRP substrates for adhesive bonding: an investigation of joint durability under severe temperature-moisture conditioning
2020-06-01 Investigation on the uniaxial ratchetting and fatigue failure behaviors of silicone seal adhesive bonded butt-joints under tensile and torsional cyclic loading
2020-06-01 Effect of stress rate on shear strength of aluminium alloy single lap joints bonded with epoxy/nanoalumina adhesives
2020-06-01 Effects of surface modification and graphene nanoplatelet reinforcement on adhesive joint of aluminium alloys
2020-06-01 Design and fabrication of PVAc-based inverted core/shell (ICS) structured adhesives for improved water-resistant wood bonding performance: II. Influence of copolymerizing-grafting sequential reaction
2020-05-10 Pectin-Based Films Loaded with Hydroponic Nopal Mucilages: Development and Physicochemical Characterization
2020-05-01 A highly competitive system for CO methanation over an active metal-free fibrous silica mordenite via in-situ ESR and FTIR studies
2020-05-01 Environment-friendly novel fuel additives: Investigation of the effects of graphite nanoparticles on performance and regulated gaseous emissions of CI engine
2020-05-01 Performance improvement of the bottoming steam Rankine cycle (SRC) and organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems for a triple combined system using gas turbine (GT) as topping cycle
2020-05-01 Energy, exergy and economic (3E) evaluation and conceptual design of the 1000 MW coal-fired power plants integrated with S-CO2 Brayton cycles
2020-05-01 Contrasting effects of iron plaque on the bioavailability of metallic and sulfidized silver nanoparticles to rice
2020-04-20 European Borage (Borago officinalis L.) Yield and Profitability under Different Irrigation Systems
2020-04-17 Feasibility of Utilizing Biodegradable Plastic Film to Cover Corn Silage under Farm Conditions
2020-04-15 A system analysis tool for sustainable biomass utilisation considering the Emissions-Cost Nexus
2020-04-15 Corrigendum to “Effects of spark timing and methanol addition on combustion characteristics and emissions of dual-fuel engine fuelled with natural gas and methanol under lean-burn condition” [Energy Convers. Manage. 181 (2019) 519–527]
2020-04-15 Prediction and optimization of oscillating wave surge converter using machine learning techniques
2020-04-15 Study of using enhanced heat-transfer flexible phase change material film in thermal management of compact electronic device
2020-04-01 Performance analysis and investigations of grid-connected Solar Power Park in Kurnool, South India
2020-04-01 A state-of-the-art review on thermochemical conversion of biomass for biofuel production: A TG-FTIR approach
2020-04-01 Analytical investigation of gas production from methane hydrates and the associated heat and mass transfer upon thermal stimulation employing a coaxial wellbore
2020-04-01 1D thermodynamic modeling for a solid oxide fuel cell stack and parametric study for its optimal operating conditions
2020-04-01 Compact heat exchangers for supercritical CO2 power cycle application
2020-03-30 Comparative Investigation on the Soil Burial Degradation Behaviour of Polymer Films for Agriculture before and after Photo-Oxidation
2020-03-17 Effects of Drip Irrigation with Plastic on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Biomass Distribution of Muskmelon
2020-03-01 Study on impacts of dust accumulation and rainfall on PV power reduction in East China
2020-03-01 Biodegradable Carbon-based Ashes/Maize Starch Composite Films for Agricultural Applications
2020-02-15 Energetic and economic optimization of the yearly performance of three different solar assisted heat pump systems using a mixed integer linear programming algorithm
2020-02-15 Winner-leading competitive swarm optimizer with dynamic Gaussian mutation for parameter extraction of solar photovoltaic models
2020-02-02 Effects of Heating Temperature on the Properties of Bio-Board Manufactured by Using Soybean Straw
2020-02-01 Modeling and validation of photovoltaic thermoelectric flat plate collector (PV-TE-FPC)
2020-01-11 Comparative study on the bioaccumulation of lead, cadmium and nickel and their toxic effects on the growth and enzyme defence strategies of a heavy metal accumulator, Hydrilla verticillata (L.f.) Royle
2020-01-07 Isolation of urease-producing bacteria and their effects on reducing Cd and Pb accumulation in lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.)
2020-01-06 Increased reliability of modified polyolefin backsheet over commonly used polyester backsheets for crystalline PV modules
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