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M06 AZMUD GA Meeting

Last thursday 12th Nov, our consortium was summoned together in order to arrange the M06 GA meeting of AZMUD project. The meeting started at 11:00 am (Brussels time) and completed at 17:00 pm. During this meeting, technical information was given by our partners, having as a main remark the conclusion of the first step of the project, which is on behalf of setting the requirements of the different technologies that AZMUD will be dealing with, together with the cultural, social and economical barriers that might be encountered during the project's life.

Our project continues at full speed with intensive work. Keep in touch for news.

AZMUD AIMPLAS · Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico Tabit Ak?ll? Tar?m Teknolojileri A.?. / Smart Village - Agricultural Information and Communication
National Research Centre (NRC) (NRC)
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AZMUD Project in 2020 Plasticulture Event

On the last 22nd September, it has taken place in AIMPLAS facilities the 2nd Edition of the Plasticulture Days. This time, several projects have been presented such as #GOOliva#Agro+, #AGROVALOR#Agrimax & #AZMUD.

Follow us to keep updated with forthcoming events!

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Innovative plastic materials, natural additives and novelty irrigation technologies will improve the performance of Mediterranean greenhouses

The innovations proposed by the AZMUD project will help reducing water, energy, nutrients and pesticides, and will promote the use of wastewater in irrigation and soilless systems. Optimization of Mediterranean greenhouse performance by synergic combinations of the different technologies proposed will reduce production costs by as much as 15%.

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Kick Of meeting

We are glad to announce that, during this past 22nd of April, it has been launched AZMUD project, by conference call due to the current COVID19 restrictions. AZMUD aims to reduce water, energy, nutrients and pesticides, whilst promoting the use of wastewater in irrigation & soilless for agro-food systems. Synergic combinations among the different proposed technologies in Mediterranean greenhouses will reduce the production cost up to 15%. To comply with this objective, AZMUD project will account with 42 months of total duration. AZMUD consortium is composed of: AIMPLAS, IDAI NATURE, Smartwall (SW), Packaging Industries Co. (PIC), Methods for Irrigation and Agriculture (MIRRA), National Research Centre (NRC), The Egyptian Russian Company for Advanced Agriculture Eco Farm (ECOFARM) and TABIT.

Thank you to all the partners and to Prima Foundation for making this Kick-off meeting run efficiently!!

The project is part of the PRIMA Secretariat, official programme supported under #H2020, the European Union’s framework programme for research and innovation EU Science, Research and Innovation.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 1914.